After all the hard work you put into creating a great ‘doo,’ you want to make sure it stays put. SESSION.SPRAY will finish your style, and hold it in place until you are ready to brush it out – it will then brush away with ease, and won’t leave anything flaky behind. Part of our STYLE/CONTROL regimen, SESSION.SPRAY contains special moulding resins that help the hair retain its shape, and hold it in place.

Benefits: Weightless, firm hold, Humidity resistant, Designed with great holding memory, Enriched with natural fragrance oils, Helps you create endless styles that last, Suitable for all hair types, Sulphate, paraben and cruelty-free.

How To Apply: SPRAY. SPRAY. SPRAY. Spray a fine mist 6 inches / 16 cm from the hair, allow seconds to dry, and shape/style as desired. Spray a final time to set in place.